Controlling Business with Microsoft Excel by Peter Talent


Sometimes you may need to hide data in a
particular cell in an Excel worksheet. Let’s say you have some data in cell C5
you would like to hide from another viewer. See below;

Excel step 1

Click cell C5 to select it, and then click in the small square in the Number section (known as a dialog box launcher). See below:-

Excel step 2

Step 1 – When the Format Cells dialog box opens, click the Numbers tab (if necessary)

Step 2 – Select Custom from the Category list.

Step 3 – Now double-click the Type entry box and type three semicolons – ;;;

Step 4 – Click OK to close the dialog box and accept your new formatting.  (See below)

Excel Steps 3

At this point, the data in cell C5 disappears. It’s still there and will work in calculations, but it isn’t visible. If you need to check the data, just click the blank cell and the contents appear in the Formula entry box.



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