The Liverpool Medical History Society, the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool Medical Institution are pleased to announce the inaugural FRANCES IVENS LECTURE given by Daniel M. Fox


Advances in research methodology in several disciplines have, since the mid-twentieth century, made it possible to evaluate more precisely than ever before the effectiveness and efficiency of interventions to improve or maintain the health of individuals and populations. Many of these advances originated in the United Kingdom and have informed policy and practice more thoroughly in that country than in many others.  Despite the political cultures of the health professions and public bureaucracies limiting the influence on policy and the practice of findings from research using these methodological advances, the influence of research evaluating interventions in healthcare and population health has grown steadily since about 1990.

Daniel M. Fox, author, policy adviser, mentor and visiting faculty member, is president emeritus of the Milbank Memorial Fund. Since 1961 he has published articles and books in the literatures of health services research, health and social policy, law, medicine, economic, cultural and intellectual history, and the history of medicine and health. His latest book is The Convergence of Science and Governance: Research, Health Policy and American States (University of California Press, 2010). Fox has served in three federal agencies, government in two states, and as a faculty member and administrator at Harvard and Stony Brook Universities. He holds AB, AM and PhD degrees from Harvard University.

This lecture will be illustrated by narratives about events in recent history rather than by slides because of the documented difficulty, perhaps impossibility, of talking about power in PowerPoint.

Thursday May 12, 2016, 17.30

Liverpool Medical Institution, 114 Mount Pleasant

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