Talents Tips: How to split the worksheet in Windows Excel 2013

Although zooming on the worksheet can help with an overall view of your data in Excel 2013, it can’t split the worksheet into two separate windows so that you can compare their data on the screen. So to split the Worksheet area into separate panes and then scroll the worksheet in each pane so that they display the parts you want to inspect.
Splitting the window
To split a worksheet into two (upper and lower) horizontal panes, you simply position the cell pointer at the cell in the worksheet where you want to split the worksheet and then click the Split button on the Ribbon’s View tab or use the short cut Alt +WS.


When the worksheet window is split, Excel displays a split bar (a thin, light grey bar) along the row or column where the window split is actioned.

You can increase or decrease the size of the current window panes by using the mouse to drag the split bar up or down or left or right. You can make the panes in a workbook window disappear by double-clicking anywhere on the split bar (you can also do this by selecting View and Split again or use the short cut key Alt +WS)

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