The secret life of a Continuing Education lecturer

It is no surprise to learn that the lecturers who teach on our Continuing Education programme are experts in their fields.  But it is worth considering the fact they by no means conform to the ivory tower image of university academics – and they certainly do not just sit in stuffy offices reading books and journals. All our lecturers have active and exciting projects in their individual subject areas and professional lives.


Craig Innes has been teaching guitar and music theory for CE for four years. As a versatile composer and musician Craig plays and performs regularly across the region. He is currently a contestant in the Jamtrackcentral Guitar Solo Competition 2015 – a prestigious new competition which brings rich rewards for the winner.

You can check out Craig’s entry here  for a glimpse of what one of our lecturers get up to when not teaching with us.

Craig will be teaching guitar courses in CE from October 2015 – either follow us on twitter @livuniCLL or keep in touch via our website at our 2015-16 programme will be available from early July.

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